Settanta7 pursues a specific aim: seeking out the best professionals from around the world to join a group characterized by the desire, the ability and the courage to create. More than 100 professionals work in our offices implementing, on a daily basis and with passion, our vision of bold, integrated and ambitious design.

The aim is to develop and strengthen the group’s know-how to have an increasingly qualified and highly performing workflow, enhancing the group’s inexhaustible energy.

We have designedour internal organisation to best meet the needs of administrations ad clients who need dedicated contact persons and support. Our team offers all-round assistance for the ambitious public works, with a concrete spirit and a desire to look far ahead.

We work in three different areas of work to be able to ensure and manage all phases of work in a construction process, from concept design to construction site.

The workflow at S7 is optimised to comply with the standards required by our 9001, 14001 and 3647 certifications.

°arch DANIELE RANGONE, Co-Founder of S7, was born in Turin in 1977. He studied Architecture at the Polytechnic University in Turin, and specialised in “’Urbanisme et Territoires” and “Economie et Politique du logement” at the Université Paris XII Val de Marne, Paris. He qualified as an Architect and Landscape Architect in Italy in 2007 and in the Rhone-Alpes Region, France in 2018.

Through his bold vision and tireless dedication, the firm has become a true benchmark in the field. With an unequivocal focus on public
architecture and environmental sustainability, he has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to creating spaces that reflect
positive environmental impact. The firm’s success is a result of the architect’s vision and leadership in guiding the team through complex challenges and ambitious projects. His multipotential approach has proven to be a key factor in the firm’s success.
He is a respected speaker at international conferences and conventions.

He is a speaker and lecturer specialized in composition and sustainable school buildings and for Federlegno, Ordine degli Architetti (the Architects’ Association) of Turin, Roma Tre University, Rome and the Marche Polytechnic University. He is a qualified safety coordinator, a certified BIM Manager (Certificate No. 21-12837) and a certified PMI-ACP®. He has ten years of experience as a problem solver and holds a specialisation in Agile Project Management.

°arch ELENA RIONDA, Co-founder of S7, was born in Turin in 1977. She studied Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin and has been a member of the Ordine degli Architetti e Paesaggisti (the Association of Architects and Landscape Architects) of Turin since 2005.

She has been the backbone of the firm. With her brilliance, she assumed responsibility for organizational and administrative matters, masterfully guiding the firm’s evolution. Initially an expert in project management, she quickly moved on to lead the entire firm, alongside its tremendous growth.
Currently, she coordinates all administrative and organizational aspects of the firm’s five European offices, managing the needs of as many as 120 employees with precision and determination. Her ability to balance creativity and managerial rigor is critical to the firm’s success and to maintaining efficiency in a dynamic environment.

graduate from Bologna in 2014, is a leading figure within Settanta7. She joined the firm in 2015, playing a pivotal role in the creation of the
Milan office, assuming leadership responsibility. In 2022 she became a partner in the firm and, in the same year, successfully established the Albanian office.
Blessed with extraordinary organizational and management skills, she is a rare talent in the architecture and engineering field. Her constant presence and tireless commitment is one of the firm’s key pillars. In her role as co-head of the entire project team, she leads with passion and dedication, contributing to Settanta7’s continued success and reputation for excellence in the field.

graduated from Turin in 2018, is a valuable asset to S7. Just after graduation, he began his career with the firm and has demonstrated
impressive analytical and project skills. His dedication and resourcefulness are evident in every aspect of his work.
Federico has covered a variety of roles within the firm, showing skills in different areas of specialization. He has worked significantly in managing major projects and construction sites.
Currently, he holds the role of co-head of the entire project team, consistently demonstrating his ability to lead and inspire the team to achieve extraordinary results.

graduated from Turin in 2017. He immediately worked with Settanta7 touching different areas along his career, from acquisition to construction management. This multidisciplinary approach led him to partner in 2022 and to the position of co-head for the construction management.
He is an exceptional project manager with a multifaceted management capability that ranges from conceptual design to project coordination and communication with clients and developers. He succeeds with his charisma and mental brilliance to bring the firm’s visionary projects to reality.

graduated from Rome in 2015, he joined Settanta7 in 2019 and has demonstrated exceptional talent in the field of architecture. In 2022, he became partner and assumed the role of co-head of the construction management.
Gianmarco is an invaluable asset to the firm because of his extraordinary ability to adapt and his talent for interacting with the team and stakeholders. He is able to create strong bonds within the team and maintain harmonious relationships with all parties involved in the projects.

graduated from milan in 2014. He immediately started working with Settanta7. He has been alongside the firm’s great growth by coordinating the design team as tender manager since its inception, handling the firm’s acquisitions, both private and public. He become partner in 2022. He has personally overseen the acquisition of major projects for the firm, determining the stylistic character of many projects that have been landmarks for the firm’s growth.
He possesses a future-focused vision and has been the success story of Settanta7 because of his frontman character capable of tackling various challenges.

graduated from Milan in 2016. She began working for Settanta7 in 2018 until becoming a partner in 2022.
She has long held the role of tender coordinator managing national and international tenders and competitions. She is also responsible for managing the firm’s communication team.
She has experience working both on complex large-scale projects in dense urban conditions and on smaller and more detailed scales. Major acquired projects for the firm include the Ciambra social housing international competition and several school buildings of different scales.

graduated from Milan in 2014, joined Settanta7 in 2018 and quickly proved his worth. He became partner in 2022.
Patrizio has found his calling as a tender coordinator, managing competitions and tenders both nationally and internationally.
His most significant achievements include the competition of the Lodi New School and the Redevelopment of the Ex Irve complex for the University of Turin.
He is a reliable figure and contributes significantly as coordinator of the firm’s communications team, contributing to its reputation for excellence in the field.

graduated from Rome in 2012, began her collaboration with Settanta7 in 2019 and quickly made a significant mark. In 2022, she became a partner in the firm, thanks to her creative, dreamy and academic character.
Benedetta focuses her energies in the role of tender coordinator, following mainly large-scale projects. She specializes in managing complex contracts in the healthcare and education sectors. She also carries out research and development related to healthcare issues. Her presence and expertise contribute significantly to the firm’s growth and diversification.

graduated from Turin in 2016, began his career at Settanta7 in 2017, becoming a partner in 2022. As project manager, he has managed some of the most significant projects in northern Italy, proving to be an exceptional talent in architecture and management.
Notable projects he has led include the Bosco della Musica in Milan, the Accademia of Brera, Scalo Farini, also in Milan, and the Hub Padova University. Over the years, he has demonstrated the ability to complete even the most ambitious projects with enthusiasm and determination,
maintaining the firm’s visionary character even in the most complex projects.

graduate of turin in 2009 joined Settanta7 in 2018 as a architect until he became project manager of some of the most important projects for the firm. He became a partner in 2022 as a result of his important contribution in previous years. Demonstrating a high level of professionalism and efficiency, he has proven to be an excellent project manager leading diffucult projects such as Social housing in Messina or the Castelmaggiore School funded by PNRR.
A solid and concrete personality counterbalanced by a strong vivacity, he is able to remain focused and effective even in the most complicated situations.

graduated from Milan in 2015, enriched his background with work experience abroad before joining Settanta7 in 2017. In 2022, he was recognized as a partner because of his extraordinary ability to manage complex projects as project manager, with a unique combination of speed and excellence.
Luca is known as one of the most skilled problem solvers, capable of maintaining control in the most intricate situations. He follows projects with elegance and resourcefulness, demonstrating a rare expertise. His projects range throughout Italy, from the new PNRR High school in Lodi to the New high school in Pietrasanta and the Civic Center in Auletta.

The Project Team at Seventy7 uses an Agile approach with conviction, and is made up of Area Managers who work geographically spread across all the states in which we operate.
Area Managers are responsible for maximising the value and quality of the project and workflow.
Each S7 Area Manager intercepts stakeholders’ needs and priorities and tells the S7 development team what to deliver and in what sequence.

Collaborating professionals for the project team:
arch. Marwan Afifi Afifi, ing. Gaetano Aluisio, ing. Christian Amici, arch. Lorenzo Avigo, arch. Kateryna Babenko, arch. Angela Boscarelli, arch. Federica Buscaglino, arch. Claudio Cannucciari, arch. Lorenzo Carletti, arch. Arianna Cavallo, arch. Anisa Cela, arch. Maria Cinque, arch. Riccardo Clerici, arch. Sara Darwich, arch. Ronilda Dedvukaj, arch. Rosa Del Giudice, arch. Gerta Dibra, arch. Alessandro Dispigno, arch. Corentin Doare, arch. Simone Donato, arch. Domenico Esposito, arch. Luca Fontana, ing. Francesca Romana Francorsi, arch. Emma Gelsi, arch. Besart Gjana, arch. Eli Gjoka, ing. Viviana La Terra Meli, arch. Franc Linxa, arch. Irene Manganello, ing. Margherita Mazzoni, arch. Alessandra Novara, arch. Donadela Osmani, arch. Amedo Picano, arch. Simone Porporato, arch. Nigerta Prengzaj, arch. Alice Raminelli, arch. Stefano Rao, ing. Giacomo Rinaldi, arch. Yusef Rincon, arch. Marika Ritoli, arch. Bita Rostamiyar, arch. Monika Salinas, arch. Mattia Salvador, arch. Juan Felipe Manrique, arch. Stefano Scotti, ing. Paolo Segaloni, arch. Naeimeh Seyedhosseini, arch. Tea Shahollari, arch. Gresian Shema, arch. Alberto Simone, ing. Federico Spanò, arch. Klea Sulka, arch. Giuseppa Tedesco, arch Tommaso Vacchi, arch. Matteo Valente, arch. Elio Xhaollari

Our Design Team has design skills, narrative ability and graphic communication expertise, which combine to implement the vision of S7: expanding its range of action into new and stimulating design areas.

The pursuit of design quality makes S7 a leader in the field of composition as well as in the school and sports building sector.

It is a team to be relied upon by developers and companies geared towards discontinuity and innovation.

Collaborating professionals for the design team:
arch. Lorenzo Albai, arch. Santiago Barinas, arch. Patrizio Cagnoni, dott.sa Sara Cintio, arch. Martina Franco, dott.sa Novella Gozzo, arch. Santiago Llano Posada, arch. Ilaria Lu, arch. Andre Machado, arch. Enrico Massettani, arch. Benedetta Mea, arch. Salvatore Pio Pacelli, arch. Silvia Polini, p.ind Flavio Raviol, dott.sa Gaia Ricciardelli, arch. Carla Rubattu, arch. Armando Scandone, arch. Valentina Soro,  arch. Michele Vanetti

Our Visual Team is made up of young people with skills and experience ranging from architecture to the graphic and audio-visual field.

The team’s objective is to develop a visual project that highlights the unique features of any work we carry out, be it a technical and economic feasibility project, a competitive tender or work in progress, combining precision and artistic vision.

Collaborating professionals for the visual team:
Fausto Bartoli, Daniele Bertoglio, Raffaele Difonzo, Maryam Gholami, Matteo Corrado, Manuel Maldonado, Marianna Massaro, Antonio Oggianu, Enrico Picchio Alice Pomero, Marco Robatto

Our team responsible for Construction Supervision and Executive Security Coordination is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds, ranging from the field of construction companies to European design to legal and administrative work.

The team has an agile and fast approach, and applies the Deming management system with a view to coordinating market challenges, the interests of stakeholders and the satisfaction of suppliers and developers. The overarching aim is to pursue a quality end product, able to maximise the prestige of the project.

Collaborating professionals for the built team:
arch. Martina Adamo, arch. Daniele Baratelli, arch. Silvia Cafarchia, arch. Martina Capellini, arch. Francesca D’Amico, Lisa D’Avella, Alessandro Del Re, arch. Giorgio Guccione, arch. Valentina Marvulli, arch. Jacopo Pacchiarotti, geom. Vincenzo Parrella, arch. Pietro Peroni, dott. Davide Rovagnati, dott. Francesca Spalanzino, arch. Isabella Troia, ing. Filippo Venere

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