“We are an architecture firm with an international scope, driven by
research, poetry and nature, aiming to bring to life buildings that infuse
the world with wonder and beauty”

We design buildings. We do it quickly and with great care. As they are key communities buildings, we want them to be welcoming for those who will live there.

We take up the challenges of clients, suppliers and make a creative journey.


“We are an architectural firm in daily search of new challenges, which we pursue with determination and by virtue of our values.

We fight for everyone to have access to amazing and ethical architecture, inclusive spaces where people can come together and grow as a community. With technique, innovation and imagination, we strive to negate the impact on the Planet of our projects.”


“We imagine and shape extraordinary architecture to take care of the community. We put people and their ideas at the center of our work, no matter where they come from. We embrace all challenges, even the most ambitious, with dedication and courage.

We have fun along the journey and are always ready to welcome new friends on board!”






/SUSTAINABILITY // We are a LEED oriented team!  Architecture is sustainable when it meets the needs of the client as well as of current and future users, respecting the precious resources of our planet. We approach each project seeking to minimize its economic and environmental impact, while enhancing people’s lives. We rely on natural materials, efficient plants and renewable energy.

/PASSION FOR WOOD // To reduce the carbon footprint of our projects, we mainly rely on timber structures (X-Lam and/or frame) for which we are nationally recognised as leaders in the field. We love wood because it is sustainable, earthquake-resistant and energy-efficient.

/BIM // Settanta7 is 100% BIM-based. All our teams use BIM methodology: professionals with key roles – Daniele Rangone (BIM Manager), Matteo Valente (CDE Manager), Arianna Cavallo (BIM Coordinator), Alessandro Dispigno (BIM Specialist) – as well as all S7 staff work with BIM. Using BIM has allowed us to comply with UNI 11337-7, but above all to implement a complete BIM workflow, from the metaproject concept, through the construction site to 7D facility management.

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Copyright 2021 © Settanta7 | VAT: IT – 10119920014 | settanta7@pec.it